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1- Data controller

As per the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law”), your personal data is being processed by SNI TEKNOLOJİ HİZMETLERİ A.Ş. (“SNI” or “Company”) within the scope specified below.

2- The Manner in Which Personal Data is Collected and its Legal Rationale

The Company collects personal data directly from website visitors who ask for demo of SNI products themselves; via online platform from electronic or written form. The company then processes this data in accordance with the purposes stated below.

Your personal data is processed for the purposes of fulfilling the legal obligations of the data controller, for the necessity for the establishment and performance of the contract between you and the Company, to fulfill our legal obligation, to establish, defend and protect its rights on the basis of legal reasons of being and having your explicit consent.

3- Data Categories and Sample Data Types
VisitorID informationName-Last Name
Contact InformationEmail Address
Information on Legal Transactions and ComplianceInternet Traffic/Log Records
4- Our Purposes for Processing Personal Data

 Your abovementioned personal data shall be processed for the fulfillment of the purposes below that are subject to your transfer of the said data to us:

  • Presenting our products and/or services and executing sales processes,
  • Execution of product and/or service procurement processes,
  • Updating, customizing and developing our products and services in line with your needs and demands,
  • Informing you about our new products or services, changes in our existing products or services, and our campaigns and promotions,
  • Providing you with the necessary training and information about our products and services, explaining how to use our programs,
  • Execution of customer relations processes,
  • Providing call center and remote support services,
  • Providing product demos,
  • Execution of marketing activities, execution of advertising / campaign / promotion processes,
  • Planning and execution of visitors’ access to information
  • Providing information to authorized persons, institutions and organizations
  • Managing relations with business partners, service providers and suppliers
  • Creating and monitoring visitor records
  • Organizing event venues, identifying participants, analyzing attendees, creating statistics for following events, printing ID cards or participant lists
  • Ensuring the safety of physical locations
  • Planning and executing the company’s information security processes,
  • Planning and executing visitors’ access to information
  • Informing authorized persons, entities and institutions,
  • Conducting social responsibility and civil society activities
  • Managing relations with business partners, service providers and suppliers
5- Transferring Personal Data

In line with the “need to know” and “need to use” principles, our Company strives to process your personal data by ensuring the necessary data minimization and taking the required technical and administrative security measures. We are obligated to share the personal data we process with third parties for a specific set of purposes, since activities such as managing product demo organization processes, managing a digital infrastructure require a constant stream of data transfer with various stakeholders.

In order to solely fulfill the abovementioned purposes, your personal data may be shared with our shareholders, business partners, subsidiaries and affiliates, holding companies, the companies and shareholders of SNI BİLİŞİM TEKNOLOJİ SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. with which we have a special business partnership for conducting business continuity and information security processes, as well as with our business partners and service providers that run provide, operate, or offer services for our IT infrastructure, our business partners and services providers that offer quality control, complaint management, and risk analysis services, legally authorized public institutions, private persons, organizations and third parties, and exclusively designated third parties in line with the legitimate interests of the data controller, in accordance with the purposes specified in this disclosure statement, and may be processed domestically or internationally.

6- Rights of the Data Subject

 In accordance with the Communique on Procedures and Principles of Applying to Data Controllers, you – as the data subject whose personal data is being processed – can contact us using the email address or the form at to exercise your rights as per Article 11 of the Law governing the rights of the data subject (learn whether your personal data is processed or not, request information if your personal data is processed, learn the purpose of your data processing and whether this data is used for intended purposes, know the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred at home or abroad, request the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data, if any, request the erasure or destruction of your personal data, request notification of all operations to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred, object to the processing, exclusively by automatic means, of your personal data, and request compensation for the damage arising from the unlawful processing of your personal data).